As far as writing is concerned, I’m back in the saddle again

Author’s Archives, circa 1979. But we still cute!


What’s the protocol when you’re sitting near an anti-vaxxer?

Photo c/o Wikimedia Commons.

I had a close encounter of the COVID kind the other day. And I lived to tell about it.

Headed out to the neighborhood pool last weekend; just wanted to catch a few rays and say goodbye to the season. Things hadn’t quite worked out with my highly anticipated Hot Girl Summer, but I sure did appreciate that the pool stayed open after Labor Day and the potentially unvaccinated among us stayed the hell away from me.


The rot in our nation’s capital started 30 years ago, or so

Photo c/o Wikimedia Commons.

Many of you know the sad, sad story of the Washington Football Team.

You know — the three-time Super Bowl champions who haven’t been to The Dance since 1992.

It was, basically, a rolling tailgate in the frosty streets of our nation’s capital.

I could care less who the folks in the Chevy…


IDK, but I have a major girl crush on Paris Hilton’s mommy

Screenshot c/o Bravo TV.

She lived at New York’s Waldorf Astoria, the biggest gem in her husband’s Hilton Hotels crown, for eight years.

She stays up til all hours of the night, because no one has ever made her keep a schedule. She doesn’t seem to understand the premise of reality TV drama, and is adored for her hilarious — and often unrelated — asides during times of primo Bravo reality TV witchiness and conflict.

In a world of stupendously overachieving rich gals, meet Kathy Hilton — the only real “socialite” I’ve seen on any of the Housewives shows I’ve screened.

I’m no expert, but I’ve been around the block with some of these folks.

Author’s Archives.

Could North Korea be facing a virus invasion?


And many of those idioms, frankly, are more for idiots than anyone else

Video c/o NBC and YouTube.

I always wondered what a “slippery slope” was.

What about “strange bedfellows”? And what kind of “stage” would a political candidate “set” if she or he were inclined to do so? How does one “fit into the conversation” of a policy debate? And what in the Holy Hell, as my Nana would say, is a dang “inflection point”?

I don’t know about you, but the Episcopalian in me always thinks of “genuflection” when I hear that last one.

As a long-time high school English teacher, I did a fair amount of ranting and raving about my students injecting jargon into their writing and their speech. …


In COVID Times, don’tcha think an occasional “F” Bomb is warranted?

Screenshot from the Daily Tar Heel. August 17, 2020, before they changed the headline.

My Mama once told me I should curb my colorful language.

This, from the woman whose favorite expression was “Oh, balls!” And not, I venture, the kind one dribbles in a basketball engagement, nor pitches in a baseball encounter.

But today, I’m not so much preaching to the choir as perhaps hoping my commentary falls on fewer deaf ears, by attempting to quell offense from the get-go.

In other words, what I plan to say is a total…


Neon, a naked Ken Doll and delivering discipline when Barbie mouths off

Author’s Archives.

A short lesson about real life, told from a pint-sized perspective, left me alternately giggling and quite a little bit alarmed.

I was just trying to squeeze in the last rays of summer on Sunday. As the temps climbed, I decided to journey to the neighborhood pool to splash a bit and read my novel.

Brooke Ramey Nelson

A Native Texan and Mizzou Journalism grad, Nelson has worked in newspapers, politics, PR and as a high school publications adviser and AP English teacher.

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