Tales of My City

Capitol Insurrection besmirched a part of our backyard

When we lived in the D.C. area, my kids considered the U.S. Capitol grounds their backyard. Both learned to walk by climbing Capitol Hill and both consider the almost 60 acres here their home away from home. Photo: Author’s archives

Shock made way to sadness. Anger dissolved into grief. The urge to get in my car and rush to Capitol Hill on Wednesday didn’t go away for a good long while.

Only when I sat down and took stock of what had happened did I remember that I live 400 miles away now — not relatively “down the street” from the place that I…



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Brooke Ramey Nelson

Brooke Ramey Nelson


Native Texan & Mizzou Journalism grad. I’ve worked in newspapers, politics, PR & as a high school pubs adviser/AP English teacher. TOP WRITER?