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  • Janet Mary Cobb

    Janet Mary Cobb

    holistic living; diversity & inclusion; parenting; cooking; women; midlife; challenging the status quo — author, editor

  • Becky Roehrs

    Becky Roehrs

    A feminist who writes about politics, humor, relationships, and mental health. Sarcastic and silly. Loves coffee and canoeing.

  • Rob Weiter

    Rob Weiter

    Currently, Cybersecurity / IT professional, freelance journalist, former broadcast journalist; former licensed psychotherapist; former broadcaster.

  • Anthony Lupinetti

    Anthony Lupinetti

  • Ben Gay

    Ben Gay

  • b.r. askew

    b.r. askew

    Storyteller, chaser of dreams, many times broken and always on the mend.

  • Peter Stephens

    Peter Stephens

  • Brian Swan

    Brian Swan

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