Classroom Kumbaya

High school students major in procrastination

The Journalism Kids tried to cram as many as possible on the old, dilapidated couch. FYI, I have no idea what this conversation was about, but it appears to have been fascinating. Photo: Author’s archives
As the high school’s Journalism teacher, I wasn’t always at the front of the classroom. But sometimes the spirit of “Classroom Kumbaya” got to be too much and I had to take control once again. Photo: Author’s archives
My Journalism Kids broke some pretty heavy stories over the years. Here I am with a group of seniors after giving them their coveted “honor cords” — awards they wore with their caps and gowns for a job well-done. Notice the boxes upon boxes of yearbooks in the back of the room. Talk about heavy lifting! Photo: Author’s archives
When the Journalism Kids finished a deadline, we ordered pizza. Which, of course, helped foster a feeling of “Classroom Kumbaya” in Room 215. Big-time. Photo: Author’s archives.

A Native Texan and Mizzou Journalism grad, Nelson has worked in newspapers, politics, PR and as a high school publications adviser and AP English teacher.

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