As far as writing is concerned, I’m back in the saddle again

Hey, there. I’m Brooke Ramey Nelson, a native Texan, former journalist, politico, PR person and high school teacher, who joined Medium in December 2020 to get back to what I’ve always loved to do — wrassling words.

I thought about starting this essay with the traditional greeting of my forebears…


Or will, I hope, when we recognize actions speak louder than words

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. uttered these profound words in a speech at D.C.’s …


Don’t spill the royal tea — Harry has no clue

Their bond is strong. So strong, I never thought they’d break up.

And even though this sounds whack, it wasn’t the Duchess of Sussex’s fault. Moker’s totally to blame here. He’s that much of an addict.

Meghan Markle and my husband got together back in November. He’d heard that she had a “streaming show.” One of his golf course buddies, another retired…

Brooke Ramey Nelson

Native Texan & Mizzou Journalism grad. I’ve worked in newspapers, politics, PR & as a high school pubs adviser/AP English teacher. TOP WRITER?

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